Types of appointments

Free 10 minutes 

Request a brief discussion with Dr Paul to see if he could help with your personal health issue(s). This will still be a live virtual visit in which you can get assurance your individual issue will be addressed with the attention you are looking for. 

Initial - 40 minutes

During this consultation, we will be taking a detailed history and notes on your physical complaints. You will be asked to perform some specific movements to see help determine the problem. For eg. pain with forward  bending  is indicative of completely different structures from pain with backward bending. We will discuss the findings with you, with a working diagnosis and an action plan. We will work with you to find an approach that is best suited to your specific complaint. Oner that both fits in with your lifestyle as well as best outcome. 

If you have any previous documemts such as x-ray, MRI, blood results, please forward those via email prior to your visit. 

Follow up - 30 mins

Please note that you can only book a follow-up appointment if you are an existing patient.

These visits are if you decide to take up a self/home management option. You will have the option to check back in to evaluate your progress and make any changes to your program that are required.