Dr Paul Carless BSc, DC

Growing up just outside of Toronto, I first found my passion for health whilst making my way through University. I was drawn to Chiropractic due to it's hands on, pragmatic approach to healthcare. Moving to Chicago to study also opened my eyes to the world which started a craving for experience outside of my comfort zones. When my studies concluded, I headed down to Australia and worked in Sydney for a couple of years before settling in Melbourne. During that time, I opened and ran three clinics across the city, each a distinctly different demographic. Four years ago, I siezed the opportunity for another adventure and moved to London. I have been working in 2 clinics in the city . However, like many of my colleagues, I've decided on a new path, outside of the clinic but still using the skills and experience that a vast career of treating bodies affords. 


What I have noticed over the past several years, is that years ago, people would just come in to the clinic and want you to fix them. Nowadays, people are more engaged with their healthcare. The problem is that information about back pain can be a quagmire. It doesn't have to be. Book in now and I'll give you the insight you need to do what's right for you!