Chiroprtactor v Ostopath !

So you've got back pain and don't know where to turn. Actually this is why I've set up this website. To help people get through the maze that is back pain. Actually - any health issue.

So - Chiro v Osteo. This is one of the most frequent questions we get in the office.

I will start with the short answer, read on if you would like the explanation.

Both professions are equally capable of handling your health issues. Both will look at your issue holistically. Chiropractors are generally more focused on the spine and nervous system where as Osteopaths will focus more on the tissue and joints.

Chiropractors will generally adjust your spine more than an Osteo and Osteo’s will do more soft tissue work (massage) and stretching. Both should give you a reasonably similar diagnosis but will treat slightly different.

So why is that?

It’s a big difference to us but from a patient perspective, you may not get the subtlety.

So – the explanation -

The biggest defining aspect of a Chiropractor is that whenever we are looking at a patient – for almost whetever they are coming to us for – we consider the role the nervous system, may or may not play in that issue. The reason for this is that is the central nervous system has a connection with almost every part of our body. Considering that the spine is the housing for the spinal cord, if there is any slight dysfunction of a vertebral segment, there may be subsequent affect to wherever that spinal nerve may control. This is why we will usually adjust our patients spines if they come in with say knee pain. we will of course treat your knee, but we’ll also adjust your spine and pelvis to address any possible associated factors. On top of that, we are committed to healthy spines, and getting your spine adjusted regularly is one of the healthiest things you can do for it.

Osteo’s are as equally capable of treating you and will also look at your problem from a holistic perspective. So for that same knee issue, they may do similar work on the knee directly and will also look to extraneous factors which may be related. They are also likely to perform and adjustment. But they will work more directly with the tissues involved doing soft tissue therapy and stretching.

The question of how many time are you likely going to need to go or how long will it take to fix are more dependent on who you see rather than which profession.

My personal advice is see someone you feel you can trust and who will look at you as an individual with a unique problem. I would say 80-90% of the people who come through the door have the same problems we’ve seen a thousand times before. But that doesn’t mean you should be treated routinely. Ultimately there are differences between each of those thousands of cases and you want to find a practitioner who will find those differences and consider them when treating you.

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