Take Control of your Back Pain

Suffering with back pain is neither new nor unique. What is new and unique is that now, rather than being a spectator in the management of your problem, you can now take control of the best treatment for you. Some therapies are better suited than others for different spinal issues. By finding and understanding the actual problem that’s causing your back pain, you can then be better informed as to who you should turn to. By knowing the why, you can then best decide on the how, you are going to get treatment. Not everyone wants to get their back “cracked”. Not everyone wants to do home exercises. The truth is that most (not all) back pain will resolve on it’s own in 2-4 weeks. Make an appointment if you need to know. 

Why a Virtual Chiroprtactor?

Chiropractors have a unique perspective when it comes to health care. By considering the whole person, we look at the relationship between functional anatomy,  joint mechanics and the nervous system. With this wholistic approach, we look to finding ways to allow the body to be restored to as normal a state as possible allowing optimal state for recovery.

Dr Carless has had over 24 years of "hands on" clinical experience treating thousands of patients. He brings that vast knowledge direct to you via video platform to discuss your concerns and your best course of action. He will empower you to take control by giving you the information you need as to what your problem is, What the cause actually is and find any aggravating factors to change or avoid. Then he can advise on the best appropriate action to take for your personal complaint. If you need "hands on" therapy, Dr Carless will provide you with a referral to someone in your area best suited to manage your complaint.